Milano Fragranze – Discovery Kit 10 x 2ml

Discover the spirit of Milan with the Milano Fragranze Discovery Kit:
10 samples in 2ml Spray Glass Vial, including the new Piazza Affari Fragrance Sample.

Naviglio, Basilica, Galleria, Diurno, Brera, Cortile, La prima, Derby, Panettone, Piazza Affari.

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Discover the spirit of Milan with the Milano Fragranze Discovery Kit that includes 10 Milano Fragranze masterpieces:

  • Naviglio by Michelle Moellhausen
    Head Notes: Marseille Soapbar Accord, Bergamot Calabria E.O.,Neroli E.O.
    Heart Notes: Lavandin E.O., Petitgrain E.O., Vetiver Haiti E.O.
    Base Notes: Cedarwood E.O., White Musks, Acquatic notes.
  • Basilica by Violaine Collas
    Head Notes: Thyme E.O., Rosemary E.O..
    Heart Notes: Warm Milk accord, Labdanum Hyperessence, Incense Resinoid.
    Base Notes:Cypriol E.O., Cedarwood Virginia E.O., SantamanolTM.
  • Galleria by Dominique Moellhausen
    Head Notes: Red fruits, Coffee Beans Guatemala Extract, Citrus notes, Davana E.O., Violet Leaves Abs.
    Heart Notes: Bitter Orange Leaves E.O., Carrot seeds Abs., Iris Pallida Root Extract, Leather accord.
    Base Notes: Sandalwood E.O., Patchouli E.O., Amber accord.
  • Diurno by Julie Massé
    Head Notes: Italian Amaretto Accord, Lavender Flower Nat Neo Jungle Essence – Sustainable sourcing.
    Heart Notes: Sage E.O., Geranium Bourbon E.O. – Sustainable sourcing Madagascar.
    Base Notes: Cedarwood E.O., White Musks, Acquatic notes.
  • Brera by Violaine Collas
    Head Notes: Bergamot E.O., Chilli Pepper E.O., Saffron Accord.
    Heart Notes: Jasmine E-Pure Jungle Essence, Rose Abs., Rose Superessence, Geranium Bourbon E.O. – Sustainable Sourcing Madagascar.
    Base Notes: Patchouli E.O., Labdanum Abs., Vanilla Abs.
  • Cortile by Michelle Moellhausen
    Head Notes: Bergamot E.O., Coffee Beans Guatemala Extract, Cinnamon Bark E.O., Violet Leaves Abs.
    Heart Notes: Jasmin Sambac Abs., Tuberose Abs., Osmanthus Abs., Ylang Ylang E.O.
    Base Notes: Amber accord, Sandalwood Indonesia E.O., Suede accord.
  • La prima by Violaine Collas
    Head Notes: Bergamot Italy E.O., Cardamom Pure Jungle Essence, Davana E.O.
    Heart Notes: Orange Blossom Abs., Osmanthus Abs., Jasmin Abs.
    Base Notes: Fur Accord, Vanilla Bourbon Pure Jungle Essence – MANE upcycling ingredient.
  • Derby by Dominique Moellhausen
    Head Notes: Galbanum E.O., Yellow Mandarin E.O., Violet Leaves Abs., Lavender E.O.
    Heart Notes: Mimosa India Abs., Tuberose Abs., Ylang Ylang E.O.
    Base Notes: Patchouli E.O., Sandalwood E.O., Vetiver E.O., Oakmoss Accord.
  • Panettone by Mathilde Bijaoui
    Head Notes: Bitter Orange E.O., Mandarin E.O., Ginger E.O., Carrot Seeds E.O., Davana E.O.
    Heart Notes: Rum Pure Jungle Essence TM, Everlasting Flower Abs., Tagete Seeds E.O.
    Base Notes: Vanilla Abs., Vinyl Gaiacol Natural
  • Piazza Affari by Cécile Matton
    Head Notes: Pink Pepper Pure Jungle EssenceTM, Cardamom Pure Jungle EssenceTM, Blackcurrant E.O., Lime E.O.
    Heart Notes: Geranium Bourbon E.O., Lavender E.O.
    Base Notes: Cedarwood E.O., Vetiver Bourbon, Patchouli E.O.