Eau de Parfum.

DIANA Masque Milano le DONNE collection.
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Head Notes: Bergamot E.O., Angelica Roots E.O., Lychee
Heart Notes: Lavender Abs., Geranium Egypt E.O., Neroli Tunisia E.O.
Base Notes: Sandalwood Australia E.O., Cedarwood Virginia E.O., White and Red Musks

Fragrance Family: Mossy Woods

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Le Donne di MASQUE

Off the beaten path, in the forest. With the silent company of your loyal dog.
Plucking wild flowers and chips of tree bark.
Sometimes, the perfume of nature is the perfect fragrance.


Inspired by the goddess Diana, this fragrance embodies a powerful, independent woman who values her freedom. Opening with notes of Mediterranean scrubland, it evokes the vast, open spaces of Diana’s domain, with clean and fresh undertones reminiscent of her ritualistic bathing, an act of self-care and reverence for her body.
The inclusion of berries adds a sensual allure, while a fruity touch hints at indulgence. Just as Diana was admired by Actaeon, this perfume exudes an irresistible allure, radiating beauty and charm that captivates all.
A woody base signifies the unwavering character of this formidable woman, with a sensual, animalic touch of musk evoking the untamed femininity of Diana’s animal companions, the stag or the hound.
Lavender, present both in the opening and the base, brings a coumarin tone, slightly honeyed and sweetly tobacco-like. Fruity geranium, with hints of rose, enhances the complex bouquet.
A rose-scented molecule derived from lychee, combined with a touch of lactones, creates a harmonious blend of floral and fruity notes, evoking the lush undergrowth where Diana roams.
Experience the refined sensuality of clean skin, warm skin, and naked skin. This fragrance encapsulates the essence of a sophisticated, strong woman—an embodiment of Diana herself.