Love Kills Oud

Eau de Parfum.

LOVE KILLS OUD Masque Milano
Interpretato da

Note di Testa: Blackcurrant abs MD LMR, Litchi
Note di Cuore: Cypriol heart LMR, Geranium oil Egypt, Rose oil turkish LMR, Rose Abs Turkish LMR Cedarwood oil.
Note di Fondo: 
Oud oil LMR, Patchouli oil, Ambrarome Abs., Labdanum res LMR, Vanilla bean extract LMR

Fragance Family: Floral

“With Oud Oil LMR, I enhanced the animalic and sensual atmosphere of my original creation, so to get a carnal rose more narcotic.
With Love Kills, we explored all the facets of rose, its freshness almost litchi-like and the more fleshly, sensual ones. In Love Kills Oud, I chose to emphasize the darkest, richest and most precious notes of the flower with the Oud and the Vanilla to intensify this sensuality and animality as the first drop touches the skin.” Caroline Dumur