Times Square

Eau de Parfum

TIMES SQUARE Masque Milano
Interpreted by

Head Notes: Hazelnut Accord, Glossy Lipstick Accord.
Heart Notes: Osmanthus, Tuberose.
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Gajacwood, Styrax.

Fragance Family: Woods

Glossy lipstick and neon lights.

I – IV

Act I Scene IV

In MASQUE MILANO Times Square, extremes are intersecting, the excess becomes norm, as people are surrendering to the restless indulgence and irresistible wildness of the city that never sleeps.

Mind you: the surprising opening of glossy lipstick and hazelnut spread will blow you away!

The floral heart expresses a visible sensuality, seductive and provocative, with a prominent white floral tuberose, and the supple suede texture of the osmanthus. The drydown , with the styrax – representing the rubber of the many taxis lining up in Broadway – perfectly blends with the soft notes of sandalwood and gajacwood, to support the sensuality and offer to the wearer a memorable drydown.

As some of our customers and perfume critics described it, “this is the fragrance I want to spray all over my body and soul – so powdery and rubbery at the same time”, “Times Square is for embracing the world, with its beauty and ugliness, sacred and profane”, “ If you have the desire to step into the intensity you will find cheap lipstick, blowsy florals, steam, leather, and rubber all coming together to form a decadent beauty”.

This extreme idea of the heart of the Big Apple, back in the days, is interpreted by the superstar perfumer Bruno Jovanovic, that was able to recreate an impressive rendition of the jungle of neon lights that first struck Alessandro back in 1993.

There was no budget limit for the creation of Times Square (as for every other creation of Masque Milano line) and the whole staff at IFF has been incredibly supportive. Thanks to headspace technology*, and the genius of Bruno and his team, we were able to recreate accords representing 1980’s glossy lipstick and “neon light” makeup, street food, smell of tires melting in the asphalt.

*During the development of the fragrance, Alessandro and Riccardo were invited to IFF’s New Jersey facility and greenhouse, where perfumers and technicians can create the “headspace” of flowers of the most exotic provenances, as well as other raw materials. Several headspaces have been specifically made to support the creation of this fragrance.