Eau de Parfum

PETRA Masque Milano le DONNE Collection
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Note di Testa: Bergamotto, Mandarino Giallo, Pepe Rosa
Note di Cuore: Assoluta di Gelsomino Sambac, Assoluta di Rosa del Marocco, Accordo Luqaimat, Note Fruttate
Note di Fondo: Incenso, Patchouli, Benzoino, Mirra, Accordo Pelle, Infusione di Ambra Grigia

Fragance Family: Woods

Incenso e patchouli. Floreale e dolce. Così seducente.

Le Donne di MASQUE
A seducing amber accord. Incense and patchouli, floral and sweet.

In an ancient and mysterious city… an intriguing and seducing woman, standing out of the crowd in a mesmerizing colorful silk dress.

A secret garden – little hidden gem – where you end up by following the trail of her incense and patchouli scent, behind the market stalls of the souk. In this lush garden you feel in heaven, and you wish you could stay there forever.