Extrait de Parfum

RIBOT Masque Milano
Interpretato da
Antoine Lie

Note di Testa: Pinkpepper Co2 extract Réunion, Clary Sage oil Grand Cru France, Saffron extract Grand Cru Cashmere India, Rosemary oil Morocco
Note di Cuore: Hay ‘Crau’ ultrasound extract grand Cru France, Jasmine sambac India
Note di Fondo: Leathery accord, Benzoin resinoid Laos, Myrrh oil Somalia

Fragance Family: Dry Woods

Secret scene – Deauville, Normandy – Early morning at the Racecourse

It’s early morning, the racecourse grass is still covered in dew.
Seafs of hay to feed the horses.
The jockey bridles his purebred horse and prepares for the race.
Not far away, the sea. In port Deauville, bored turists, chilled to the bone, sip their coffees inside the bistro… And fishermen silently folding the nets after a good night’s catch.

The fragrance opens with a fresh and very natural topnote (pinkpepper Co2 extract Réunion), with green and aromatic accents (Clary Sage oil Grand Cru France – Saffron extract Grand Cru Cashmere India – Rosemary oil Morocco) that are paving the way for the addictive cuir & hay accord that will be at center of the stage.
The hay (Hay ‘Crau’ ultrasound extract grand Cru France) develops warm and dusty feeling, with a tobaccoey sweetness, almost fermented, in a balance between the gourmand and the animalic territories. A touch of Jasmine sambac India is found in the very heart of the fragrance.
In the drydown, the leathery accord is perfectly balanced with the opulent resinous combination of Benzoin resinoid Laos and Myrrh oil Somalia.

With Ribot Masque Milano immerse yourself in the photorealistic scene:

It is early morning at the racecourse in Deauville, the sun just starts to peek over the horizon, casting a warm golden glow over the grassy fields. The racecourse is bustling with activity as trainers and jockeys prepared for the day’s races. The grass is still covered in dew, and the air is filled with the sweet smell of fresh hay.
A jockey stands in the stable, carefully bridling his purebred horse. The horse, a sleek and powerful bay, is already starting to prance with excitement, sensing that the race is imminent. The jockey works with precision and focus, his movements smooth and practiced. The horse nuzzles him affectio- nately, as if to say that it is ready to run.
Not far away, the sea can be seen, the sound of seagulls can be heard and the salty smell of the sea adds a unique ambiance to the racecourse. In port Deauville, tourists sip their coffees inside the bistro, trying to keep warm in the morning chill. They watch with interest the boats coming in and out of the port, and the fishermen silently folding the nets after a good night’s catch.
The jockey mounts the horse and sets off for the track. The horse’s powerful hooves pounds against the ground as they make their way to the star- ting line. As they wait for the race to begin, the jockey whispers words of encouragement to his horse, promising that they would give it their all. The starting gun goes off and the horse shoot out of the gate like a bullet. The jockey leans forward, urging the horse on, as they hurtle around the track. The sound of the hooves, the sea and the cheering crowds, all contributed to a memorable experience. The jockey feels alive, like he is part of something greater than himself. They gallop around the final bend and cross the finish line, victorious. As the jockey and the horse stand at the win- ner’s circle, both of them are drenched with sweat, the smell of salt and victory in the air. They made it together and it feels amazing.